Been Gone For A Minute, Now I’m Back and Raising a Daughter

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I’m not going to lie, it’s been a long while since I have blogged from here! So much has happened in not only my life but the world. We have lost people, lost inspirations, gained new ones, discovered new passions and creative outlets, took on personal goals and even started a family all in the middle of a whole PANDEMIC, but we are resilient, aren’t we? Every day above ground is a blessing and so, we are BLESSED.

My life changed March 29, 2020 when I gave birth to my first child, my daughter Jaydn Rae. She has been the light of my life. For a long time I didn’t think I was going to ever be a mother but this is the best job in the world! No love compares to the love of your child. I hope to raise one amazing little girl! Taking time off from events, blogging, etc while I carried her and took on the experience of pregnancy was absolutely needed for me. It was an incredible journey and it continues now with my baby girl at 4 months old.

Things in the world are a little strange though. Because of the pandemic, there are no concerts, no clubs, limited events, social distancing in place and a lot of fear due to Covid-19. 2020 has been … different. But we are keeping on keeping on…

I want to bring a more personal approach to I want to be more OPEN, HONEST and TRANSPARENT with my audience on not just music, fashion and culture but LIFE. A little more quality over quantity of content. More inspiration, more realness.

BUT it’s still #DopeShitOnly forever and ever so expect that!

So, THANK YOU to all my supporters, followers, fellow creatives and entrepreneurs, YOU inspire ME!

I’m looking forward to growing, building, sharing, creating and connecting with you! As Nipsey would say.. THE MARATHON CONTINUES!

~ Lizzy

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