Check Out The New Single From International Artist OgaSilachi

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Nigerian artist, OgaSilachi, is what you can call “a triple threat.” Not only does he sing/rap but he’s also a songwriter and producer. The whole package. OgaSilachi has just dropped a new song and the reaction has been good!

OgaSilachi just released his new single titled, “Sweetie Gone Bad”. Recognized as “a crossover melody” which is written and produced by OgaSilachi!

“OgaSilachi expresses his infatuation for his heart’s desire in traditional poetic fashion that will quickly catch the attention of radio.”

At 22, OgaSilachi has a great song on his hands and has plenty more on the way! An official music video for “Sweetie Gone Bad” is said to be on the way!

Check out “Sweetie Gone Bad” HERE!


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