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Los Angeles funny man Carey Boy has been hitting a nerve in a big way for the past couple years with his hilarious and relatable skits and videos which to date have drawn him over 750K Instagram followers and close to 1M on Facebook. Now his candid, culturally relevant comedy is catching the eye of luxury brands like CÎROC Ultra Premium Vodka who famously tap super-influencers in music like Diddy, DJ Khaled and French Montana, and fashion partners like Moschino and REVOLVE. Carey Boy’s latest original branded content features Limited Edition CÎROC Black Raspberry.

Carey Boy first caught attention when celebs like Wacka Flocka and Keisha Cole began sharing his IG posts with their fans. His audience grew as he rolled out video series like “Man In Situation” and “When She’s More Of A Man” which garnered 40M Facebook views and “Crazy Girlfriend” which amassed 20M.

Carey Boy is a staple at red-carpet events throughout Los Angeles and his hope is that his fame on social media will translate over to TV and Film. With that in mind, the Detroit native is currently in development for a series with a prominent TV Producer for a relationship show with a comedic twist.

Watch Carey Boy’s new video above and be sure to follow his hilarious antics on the Socials. #CareyOn

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