Drake,Beyonce,Rihanna and Frank Ocean -New Music

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By now everyone has been patiently waiting for Frank Ocean to release his new album (reportedly called “Boys Don’t Cry”) and rumor has it, he will be dropping it tomorrow June, 3rd. The rumors of Frank Oceans new album have been floating around for a year already. The only non rumored knowledge of the new album came from Chance the Rapper when he said the album is “amazing” and James Blake said is was “better” than Frank Oceans previous album.  Hopefully the rumor is real.

Now this one is far from a rumor . Mike WiLL Made-it has teamed up Rihanna for a new single called “Nothing is Promised”that will drop tonight on Itunes. The new single is for the super producers upcoming album called, Ransom 2.  You can peep the teaser above.

Last but not least a rumor Beyonce and Drake will be collaborating on a song together and will drop June 15th on the radio air waves. None of the artist have responded about this rumor so all we can do is wait til June 15th.

At least we know for sure Rihanna will be giving us new music and lets hope Frank Ocean rumor is true.

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