How Trill Is’Ye? 

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OG Cracker Jack Mac | February 3, 2016 

The WAVES album dropping on February 11th is holding the type of anticipation you get before inking a deal that can set your finances straight for life.

The album formally known as SWISH was already HIGHLY anticipated – then – Wiz fucked around. Not to mention Drake’s latest rift’s crossfire. Now we’re waiting on Kanye’s album like it were a decision to reparations requests.

We can definitely agree that Kanye’s response is anxiously awaited like water, the circumstance is still in question; whether in a drought or after practice is still to be seen. What we can expect at this point is great production, to say the least (after a recent Swizz s/o)!

With songs like REAL FRIENDS being in h e a v y r o t a t I o n since it’s debut – the substance of content Related to the album experience is setting the bar high. The FACT’S that you’re going to hit a theater to peep the fashion show, and, the world premier means waviness of tsunamic proportions.

You haven’t seen it done like this. You still haven’t turned water into wine or fed a land of people with a loaf of bread YEEZUS. 


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