Lil Surf x T-Wayne ” Surf Side”

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I came across this young man from a friend and she insisted I take a look at him. His name is Lil Surf from Texas and he is 15 years old. It’s hard for me to connect with a lot of the younger generations music but I also can appreciate the way rap and Hip Hop have changed. So I took a look and I was very surprised to see who was on the track with him . T-Wayne is a big raper so seeing him on the track with this youngin was interesting.

When I first listened to his single ” Surfs up” I had to stop playing from my computer and plug the cell in the car. There are certain songs I have to review while driving to experience the full quality. You can’t tell this young man is 15 years old until he says it in his song. He has some great lyric points and T-Wayne on the track wraps up the vocals. If you know anything about Texas you know they are home of the chop and screwed . I was just surprised to hear something that wasn’t from Beat King or sounded like a imitation of his music.

The video is my favorite part. It’s very 90’s feel, from the doodles popping up. That’s what grabbed my attention the most. A song that’s very trap genre but a music video that brings n the old school feel. Very unique.

In all , I believe he has a little work to do in the music aspect but he is 15. Most rappers don’t get great until they experience more life which comes with growing up and older. So seeing where Lil Surf goes with his rap career will be a interesting thing to see. Keep an eye on him. Until then check out his recent video.

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