MICRODOSING: The New Shroom Boom

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Mushrooms, ‘Shrooms, Boomers, Magic Mushrooms, etc we have all heard the terms or experienced with them. This year, I have seen SO many conversations about Microdosing mushrooms and I even tried it myself. And of course, they have been decriminalized in Colorado, California and quite a few other states as well. With more and more people searching for holistic and natural ways to deal with physical, mental and emotional ailments, I have to wonder if this is the new answer to it?

In fact, I have even seen many artists and celebrities talking about microdosing as well. It may be the new wave for sure. Which if it takes people away from the prescriptions pills and the lean, then yes, lets talk about it. I caught this tweet from Wale recently asking about people’s experience.

A microdose of mushrooms is going to be about .01 of a gram and I’ve seen them mostly be prepared in a capsule but you can also eat a small portion of a cap or stem as well.. You can take one to start, a couple or a few- everyone is different. Based on my own experience and conversations with others, the small dose of psilocybin-containing mushrooms provides positive side effects including alertness, connection, understanding, improved mood, better sleep habits and more.

I had watched a documentary earlier in the year about people microdosing and I was intrigued by the positive outcomes these people seemed to have. So, I wanted to give it a try. I was really just looking to add more quality to my day. I tried them for a bout a 2 week period and not daily. I started out taking one capsule and then upped to two capsules. the results- I LOVED it! I felt incredibly energized, efficient and focused on my to do list for the day. My workout’s were better and over all more intense. I felt productive and in sync. It was great and I would 10/10 recommend.

So, have you tried Microdosing? Why or why not? It’s 2020 and I think we should all be open to the things the Earth has given us to use to our liking. If it comes from the Earth, there’s a good chance it’s good for us!

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