Respect the DJ

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The DJ is everything! I don’t care if its a club, concert or house party- the DJ can make or break all vibes! Everyone should understand how valuable the DJ is. Some of the BEST times of my life were due to a dope DJ that knows how to get (and keep) the party jumping! Those are the DJs that put in the most effort into their sets- whether they mix the tracks of their set in the craziest way or drop beats on the spot. I especially have mad love for the DJs that know how to scratch on the tables! That is really the true essence of the disc jockey. That is when its ok to “sweat the technique.” Sometimes I get so excited to hear what might be played next and I cant wait to catch the beat of the next song being mixed in. I love that anticipation! When the beat drops, and its a classic, you can find me on the dance floor! A great DJ that knows how to sway the crowd  is the best! Its important for DJs to know how to get the crowd excited or to chill them out. Nothing worse than a party with the wrong music and nobody enjoying themselves.

And like I say, “If all else fails, play Biggie!”

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