The Ms. Lauryn Hill Experience Show Review

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Ms. Lauryn Hill put on a stellar performance last Sunday in Denver, CO. The show is labeled as “The Ms. Lauryn Hill Experience” and that’s exactly what it was! Local hip-hop duo, The Reminders, opened the show and although I sadly missed their set, I’m sure they were amazing as always. Before Ms. Hill came to the stage the crowd was clearly excited and couldn’t wait for her. The band members came to the stage, took their places, warming up a little. The DJ did his thing getting the crowds energy up by playing classic songs everyone could (and did) vibe to. When Ms. Hill blessed the stage, the crowd screamed and clapped with excitement, the energy was up! She looked absolutely beautiful and sounded amazing! She truly commands the stage. I loved watching her giving signals and pointing to the mic or whatever needed sound adjusted. She was adorable when she would dance! A little 2-step mixed with a shimmy and sometimes jumping up and down- nobody is messing with L-Boogie’s BOOGIE! She performed songs off The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill as well as the Un-Plugged album. The Ogden Theater was right there with her for every song. Everyone went crazy when she did a Fugees’s set and a Bob Marley set- both were awesome! All the songs were performed different than the album versions which I loved. The renditions were so LIVE! It was different and, again, with a full band every song sounded so DOPE! Ms. Hill performed for over an hour putting her all into every note she sang. She ended the night with “Doo Wop (That Thing).” I was, once again, so impressed with her performance. I didn’t cry this time but was a lithe close a couple times- Especially when she performed “To Zion.” The night got even more amazing when my friend (who works with Ms. Hill) told me to wait outside so my friend and I could meet her! I was so nervous and kept thinking what to say to her and was anxiously touching me hair. It was funny because I never get that nervous about anyone but she is a legend and so monumental in my mind. When she came outside, I introduced myself and told her how wonderful her show was, how beautiful she looked and that I loved her outfit- that was about all I could get out! She was incredibly sweet to my friend and I as she posed for a picture with us. If I didn’t have a picture, I don’t think I would even know that this actually happened! This was a night I will never forget and am truly thankful for. I have nothing but love and respect for Ms. Hill. If you ever have a chance to see her live show, make sure you don’t miss it! 20140717-094604-35164717.jpg

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