Throwback Hip-Hop Stations Are Taking Back The Radio & Denver Is Hyped For Fly 107.1

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Dreams have come true and prayers have been answered! This has been a long time coming and I am so happy someone figured out what a successful route this is for radio! Throwback Hip-Hop and R&B stations are popping up on FM stereos all over the country! The feedback has been nothing but positive.

It all started in Houston, Texas. It was Boom 92 who decided to switch things up last October. Since playing all that classic, throwback hip-hop, Boom 92 has more than tripled their number of listeners- and their rating has tripled as well! Sister stations soon followed in Philadelphia, Dallas and othe rmajor cities who all saw there numbers go up at the same rate.

Now, in Denver, our wish has been answered too! Fly 107.1 has launched and everyone is loving it. The station is playing 15,000 of your favorite 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s hip-hop/R&B. Everyone is talking about it and everyone is listening.

Besides, who doesn’t love to get that old feeling back?

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