[Video] Faneto ‘Handlin Bizness’

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Manny Valle, better known by his street name Faneto, is an independent rapper and song-writer from Delaware. He was raised in Wilmington on 4th street and considers the Ruth Bennett projects in Chester as a second home having resided and experienced most of his dealings between these 2 cities. Faneto digs deep into the process of crafting his brand new single “Handling Bizness”.

Absolutely, short and sweet and repetition is always better, simpler in hip hop. Now when it comes to other genres of music, it varies. Those other genres of music aren’t as evolving as hip hop has been. Hip hop and the culture has always been an ever changing and transforming genre. What other music genre has been able to incorporate other genres in it and remain successful like Hip Hop has?

Began rapping in 2015 under the name Babylon the Rapper on Soundcloud to express the losses and battles of inner city urban living. After a 2 year hiatus and focusing his time in the streets, he decided to return to music. In the early part of 2017, he released a mixtape entitled Heartache on Spinrilla. Thru this release, he received various feedback from multiple industry contacts and it was at this point that he realized the talent he possessed. He continued to focus on his craft, perfecting his delivery and fine tuning his content as a writer before deciding to move forward with his career as an artist. With an extensive catalogue of radio ready hits prepared, he feels that now is the time to take things to the next level.

Watch “Handlin Bizness” above.

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