[VIDEO] Now This Is How You Celebrate A New Business! Check Out The Official Recap of The Lizzy Brodie Consulting Launch Party!

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As an entrepreneur, you are always working, making new goals, planning ways to step it up and take things to the next level. You also deal with a lot of self-doubt and frustration, too! In fall 2017, I went through a really tough time. I wanted to give up my website, my brand and everything I had been working on- I just felt lost and felt I didn’t know where I was going to go with it all.

I had a conversation with my close friend Scotty ATL and he asked me some questions that stuck with me until I figured it out. He challenged me to believe in myself a little more than I had been. The conversation left me to dig deep and reconnect with my value and my passion. One time for my mom who told me this, “Your experience is your expertise.”

And just like most things in life, I woke up one morning and had a whole new vision for myself. I decided I was going to turn my experience and my expertise into an official company. “There is no better time to start a company than NOW,” is what I have read over and over in countless entrepreneurial blogsites and articles. I decided I would have a private launch party, with an open bar, catered food, a DJ, lots of cameras and all my closest friends, family and business partners. I started planning right away!

On Friday January 26, 2018, I held my company launch party at Ink Monstr and everything I had planned for it came together like butter. It was one of the best nights of my life! I even flew my mom out for the event which was incredibly special. My brother, Chef Jeff, catered the event and everyone just raved about the food. The drinks were flowing all night! Thank you to Mighty Swell for providing their delicious cocktails. Thank you KDJ Above for providing the sounds! Mike Peterson, SnL Productions and Tim McClanahan, thank you for capturing the night! Thank you to Reed Silberman for absolutely EVERYTHING! Special thank you to everyone else for celebrating with me: Omar Bolden, Redman, Scotty ATL, Brandon Marshall, Juwan Thompson, Adrianne, Sharea, Janelle, Cassie, Brittani, Mye, DJ TopSelf, DJ K-Tone, Andre Fabre, Chris Smith, Chris Wylie, Johnathan Ramierz, my sister Baille, my cousins Sean and Patry, Dave Reed, Graffiti, Lil Fresh Sam, Phree, Brittany Fitzgerald, Bri Garcia, Tariq, Nate Palmer and everyone else who attended! THANK YOU! is LIVE! Please feel free to reach out to me for your event, marketing, promotions and PR needs!

All photos by Tim McClanahan & SnL Productions

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