WATCH | A Tribe Called Quest Reunites on Jimmy Fallon & Performs With The Roots

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Hip-hop heads gather around, this is something to see! The legendary pioneers of the game, A Tribe Called Quest, reunited on The Jimmy Fallon show to give the world what we’ve been missing! Watch below as the group, with The Roots behind them, performs “Can I Kick It.”

We need a real reunion with new music, new shows and shit, even a tour! The group has their personal issues within the group which is why the reunion is so epic. ATCQ originally announced their break-up back in 1998 but did come back together in 2006 for a couple shows that were said to be their last. All issues aside, the big picture seems to pull these emcees back together as they have now re-released their debut album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm featuring some re-vamps and remixes.

Check out their performance below! Do you think we need a real reunion from Tribe? Do you think we will get it?

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