You Can’t Deny A Classic | Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt Still In Full Rotation 

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If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snap Chat, you might have noticed my recent references to Jay-Z. Blame it on the classic hip-hop album known as Reasonable Doubt! I’ve been listening to this album non stop for almost a week! 

Jay-Z dropped his debut album in the summer of 1996 and 20 years later, it still GOES! From production, lyrics, features- this album embodies hip-hop. You even have those moments when you’re not sure what to listen to so you pull out that “go-to” project? That’s what this album is for me. I’m never disappointed and I always find myself listening to it from start to finish, over & over. 

Did you know that when Jay-Z & Biggie were recording “Brooklyn’s Finest,” neither of them writes down any of their lyrics? I’m not surprised, either. “Brooklyn’s Finest” may be one of my favorite hip-hop  tracks and collaborations ever! 

Reasonable Doubt stands as a CLASSIC and there’s really no denying it. An album that’s still relevant, still makes you rewind verses back, and still bumps start to finish is a rarity! 

I keep Jay-Z & his debut album in full rotation, do you? 

Classic. Hip-hop. 


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