Your 30’s Are LIT | Embrace It!

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If you follow me on social media, then you might know that I frequently speak on this. I’m 35 and I have loved every minute of being in my 30’s. I see so much shade on “turning 30” that it really needs to be addressed!

First off, lets end saying “OMG I’m turning 30! I feel so OLD!” Like, stop. Immediately. If you feel “old” at 29/30, I highly suggest you rethink your lifestyle. I also suggest you get a grip on your perspective. Maybe that phrase works when turning 50? 60? But not 30 and to be honest, not even 40. Are your 20’s your peak in life? Do you turn 30 and then shrivel up and die? No you don’t. Get it together!

Now, let’s talk about some reasons why your 30’s are so great! You learn how to love yourself better. Your confidence is the highest it’s ever been- not just self confidence but LIFE confidence. You move a little smarter, not harder. Your tolerance for bullshit is slim to none so your energy isn’t going into things that don’t really have value or priority in your life. In your 30’s you develop your strengths. If your finances aren’t in a good place by 30, YOU GET TO A GOOD PLACE and quickly! You move with more intention and dedication to being a happy and GOOD person.

You know what you like, what you love and what you don’t. It’s the best! I have never felt more sure of myself and more confident in who I am than I have in my 30’s. I encourage you to please for the LOVE OF GOD embrace your 30’s! Take pride in knowing who you are and living your best life! You deserve it!

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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