Star Wars Returns

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Star Wars isn’t going away anytime soon, and I don’t want it to. The saga continues at the Denver Art Museum from November 13 to April 2, 2017. Costumes from the series will be on display on the second floor of the Hamilton Building located on 13th ave and Broadway. Visitors can expect to see behind the scenes, view captivating designs, and listen to audio as they walk through the exhibit. There will also be fun facts to read about, and learn how the costumes were made, like Princess Leia’s memorable bikini and Darth Vador’s infamous black uniform. Many more costumes will be on display including Queen Padme’s extravagant wardrobe. As you can see this subject has gotten me all excited and brought out my inner geek. But who doesn’t love Star Wars? It has been around for decades. Now a new generation gets to enjoy the magic. Tickets are on sale now at, just click the link.

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