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Fashion Feature Of The Week- KITH Mercer III Pant 

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Marcus Flowers | September 15, 2015 

Jogger pants have officially taken over the world. This new trend is not just limited to urban fashionistas or fashionistos anymore, this type of clothing is for everyone from hipsters to mothers, and KITH is using this knowledge to their advantage.

 The iconic clothing brand with their brand new item, the KITH Classics Mercer III. The company is putting a fresh look on the first clothing article the brand ever produced.

 The pant features custom-milled stretch cotton, the signature cinch cuff, allowing wearers to adjust the tightness using three different metals snaps.

 These pants go with any type of footwear, from boots to tennis shoes, this pant is just right for anybody.

 The KITH Mercer III pant is available in navy, cinder, army, and black colorways on the official KITH website. They also are available at both KITH stores in NYC at Manhattan and Brooklyn.


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