Kiana Zara Is More Than A “Nobody” For The People!

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Who is Kiana Zara in terms of a music artist? What makes you different from other artists?

Something that I feel really makes me unique is my ethnicity. There aren’t that many young Persian women breaking through the industry just yet and I really want to change that. In addition, I’m trilingual (I speak Farsi, French, and English) so I’ve been exposed to many cultures of music growing up. This is something I definitely want to showcase in my writing and in my music.

Short-term/Long-term goals following “Nobody”? What do you hope to accomplish in your musical career?

Nobody is just the start for me. These days, I’m focusing on writing and creating as much as I can. I definitely want to work towards putting out an EP and grow as an artist. So I would say my short-term goal is to keep putting out more music and my long-term goal is to start doing live shows.

What do you want to tell readers? You can end with your favorite quote or a direct quote from yourself!

When you know there is something that makes you the happiest and makes you feel so true to yourself, don’t let it go. Don’t let the fear of failing, guide your decision-making. Just work hard, be genuine, and trust yourself.

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