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Babe Of The Week- Teon Thompson

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When I first saw Teon’s posts on Instagram, I was immediately wondering who this gorgeous man was! Not only were his modeling photos amazing, but the man can also sing- he is kind of the whole package..

Getting to know Teon, I learned that he’s had an exceptional career in modeling and dance as well. Teon even danced an a back-up dancer for Madonna! Teon started modeling at age 20. His portfolio is extensive and nothing short of spectacular. Some of his favorite features and shoots have been with the talented photographer, Peggy Sirota. Teon has been featured in magazines, apparel campaigns and more.

At 32, Teon continues to model and live out his life passions. Keep an eye out for this handsome, talented man! Follow him on social media to get to know him more!

Teon’s Facebook
Teon’s Instagram

Photo Credit: Sagjol

Photo Credit: Sagjol

Photo Credit: Marc Johnson

Photo Credit: Marc Johnson

Photo Credit: Marc Johnson

Photo Credit: Marc Johnson

Photo Credit: Chán André for Voyeur Photography