A Meazy Talks The Real Ned Flanders, Being A Perfectionist & More

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Cedes P | March 21, 2015

The first time I saw A Meazy perform I was utterly impressed. He was ripping the stage at The Bluebird Theater here in Denver, CO. His stage presence was there, the crowd was hype and he wasn’t rapping over his own track! I was completely engaged until A Meazy left the stage.

A Meazy Jiles would describe himself as a hard working artist who came from nothing. He is a perfectionist of his craft and still believes in the original essence of hip hop. “Substance over popcorn rap.” says Jiles. ” What I mean by the true essence of hip hop to me is staying true to the culture. Hip hop is a lifestyle not a hobby, meaning still practicing and being able to freestyle, being lyrical on your songs not taking the easy way out like most rappers do. I want to hear bars, not reaching and trying to sing on songs and shit. Not knocking anybody that does both but that’s just not to me what hip hop is.”

With an amazing group of supporters behind him, NDE (Next Dimension Entertainment), A Meazy has made some impressive moves. “We represent next level music, hard work, thinking, strategy, support, and hunger.”. I am so thankful for my squad.” says Jiles.

“You can’t be global with a local mindset.” With his first solo album “The Real Ned Flanders” in over 15 stores here in Denver as well in Los Angeles, CA, he is definitely making some game changing moves.

I asked A Meazy about the message he was trying to convey threw “The Real Ned Flanders” and his response was, ” That I’m the nicest in the town. Metaphorically speaking because I’m an asshole lol but I’m saying I’m the best out. Period.” While still recognizing that any rapper is competition to him. He said, “Rap is a sport, so everybody is competition when the beat drops, and I’m not one to let someone go harder than me. The album has a good amount of features from artists and producers. A. Fox was even featured on 3 tracks, bringing the R&B vibe to the album. “A Fox is my bro. Musically we just click on songs and they come out so dope every time so I had to put him on 3 joints. As far as all my other collabs I only put artists on my songs that I have a great deal of respect for as a emcee. People I consider to be some the best I’ve personally heard in person in this city. I wanted to showcase their talent with mine to show people we have much more talent than you think,” A Meazy said. The song “For The Birds” is said to be one of the most popular off the project. Make sure you check it out and give it a listen!

With his biggest inspiration being his brother Gimp “May he rest in peace” says A Meazy, we can be expecting some dope ass projects from him in the near future. He won’t be letting up anytime soon. “I have no regrets, I’ve been doing this for a long time with my brother Taurean and we’ve made a lot of mistakes but experience is the best teacher there is. I just learn from my mistakes and come back even harder.”

You can pick up your copy of The Real Ned Flanders at Angelo’s!

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