Big Sean Drops “IDFWU” Video; Takes It Back To.. High School?

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There’s no doubt the new track “IDFWU” from Big Sean featuring E-40 is a banger, everyone loves it! The song drops in the club and everyone gets turned up! I can’t say I love the video as much as the song though.

Big Sean dropped his official video for “IDFWU,” and I’m not feeling it. The video has Big Sean set as the star quarterback in a high school championship football game. High school? Big Sean is 25 years old. The video also features Kanye West as the four all coach which is a good look, of course, and E-40 as the broadcaster. There were also a few strategic product placements throughout the video for Redbull, Mate Fit and Beats By Dre.

The video has good production and direction but I’m not feeling the story line. To me, it’s corny. The song goes hard but to take the scenario to a high school football game is juvenile. I can think of so many better, fly, dope, GROWN scenarios the video could have been. Again, Big Sean is 25 years old.

What do you guys think? Check the full video for “IDFWU” here and let me know your thoughts!



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