Jodeci Drops New Single With B.o.B. After 18 Year Haitus

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Do you ever just want that “old thing” back? After 18 years, 90’s R&B group Jodeci is back with new music!

Jodeci has released their new single, “Nobody Wins,” featuring B.o.B.! The track is inspired by the ongoing issues of domestic violence in the world.

“We aren’t immune to issues that are important in our community. Domestic violence has always been an issue in relationships, but lately it’s been brought to the front of our community consciousness,” K-Ci explains.

In addition to the new single, Jodeci has schedule an early 2015 release of their next album! Although they’ve recorded numbers of songs throughout the years, their next album is looking to be something for fans!

“We’ve recorded hundreds of songs, even if it’s bits and pieces and fragments of songs that we could probably live off of for the rest of our lives,” Mr. Dalvin explained to RollingStone Magazine. “But when creating this album, we chose a body of work that really represents us as a group and represents what people are expecting to hear from Jodeci as a group. People will be pleasantly surprised.”

Check out the new single, “Nobody Wins,” HERE!