Lonny The Street Lawyer is more than just quality weed business

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Lonny Bramzon, aka Lonny The Street Lawyer, is not a person you can define by one trade of life but many. From high profile cases in his early law days to expanding his business Street Lawyer Services to Miami and New York City from Washington D.C., Lonny aspires to inspire people to be themselves while chasing their dreams.

A blunt toting high profile lawyer with a one-of-a-kind personality who looks like a D&G model? We must stan. He has revolutionized the cannabis business in a way where your everyday person can admire him. You can’t think of marijuana, law, or economics without picturing him in it.

Lonny is unique from his SLS women team, who keep him prepped to be the elite of the elite while keeping in touch with your everyday person! He encourages inclusion and equality in the workforce, which separates him from his competitors.

Add in elite education background from Stanford (B.A.) and Columbia Universities (J.D.); he just might be on a future Forbes list. His journey shows that he is more than just a good-looking man with an excellent brain; Lonny is the voice of your everyday citizen. In the past, he used the power of the media and his law prowess to convey powerful messages for the people of the world.

Using DC 101 via iHeart radio, Lonny was the voice of the streets in answering difficult legal questions and giving insight into why things operate the way they do in society. Lonny implored top-notch legal experience and radio experience to start up his shop. Since then, it has been no turning back! Lonny has curated a safe haven for the best of wees, people, and vibes.

You can’t put Lonny in a box; he’s just that unique. It would be a disservice to categorize him into a branch of business or an influencer. Keep your eye out for him; he is truly a gift to the world.