Meet Garica Vega, North Carolina’s Hottest New Sensation

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North Carolina is sprouting out new sensations weekly in 2019. Once counted out, the state continues to make its mark on Hip-Hop with the new wave of undeniable talent like uprising Garcia Vega drawing a lot of buzzworthy attention to himself with his gritty-street attitude and catchy hit songs. We caught up with Vega to speak on his successful execution of a 2019 takeover.

[LB] Where are you from?
[Garcia Vega] Rockingham, North Carolina By way of Lil’ Philly.

How did you get started in rap?
My Dad Was An Artist So Music was encoded in my DNA, rap came to me naturally.

North Carolina is booming right now with talent on the rise, where do you fit in?
I stand out I don’t fit in.

Watch Garcia Vega’s new video, “Hot Damn” below.

Would you say you rep North Carolina fully?

We heard you have a record coming with DaBaby? How’s that sound?
It’s A Dope Record… We’re introducing Trap Gospel To The World, He Did His Thing.

Two records a new listener should check out from you immediately?
Foreign and Wtf Go.

Is North Carolina pretty much the same all throughout or does it all depend on where you are at?
Nah It’s Different Everywhere You Go In The Carolina’s. U Got Trap Rappers Here And Hip Hop Heads There… different cities or even different sides of town can give u a different sound.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years as an artist?
In Barbershop debates as one of the G.O.A.T.’s, And touring.

What’re the plans for 2019?
Jus grind and be consistent at showing the world who I am… and creating a sound of great music for the fans.

Watch Garcia Vega’s New Video, “Da Real Me” below.

Any influences in the music world?
Jay-Z has always inspired me with his music, business and influence over the industry. Also any artist that push their creativity to new levels.

Heading to SXSW this year?
I plan to show my face.

Top 3 favorite producers?
My Favorites Would Have To Be Kanye Before The Red Hat, Mike Will Made it And The Young Boy Jetson is becoming a favorite.

Tupac or Biggie?
That’s a Tough one, but I’ma say Biggie.

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