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Now, this is something to celebrate! November is now nationally recognized as ‘Hip-Hop History Month!’ This is a huge win for the culture and lovers of hip-hop.

You have to also remember that there was a time when hip-hop was widely frowned upon. There was no understanding of the hip-hop culture and the people it represented. But now, in 2021, the graffiti that used to quickly get covered up is now on every corner on city blocks. Businesses want the art, they want the graffiti! Why? Because hip-hop is for the people- the dance, the art, the music, the lyrics! Hip-Hop has become one of the most popular movements in the world! You can see hip-hop EVERYWHERE! Commercials, advertising, TV, movies, etc.

It is a truly beautiful thing to see and now that hip-hop has it’s own history month we get to dive deep and celebrate all of the people, the moments, the music that has gotten it to where it is today! Do some digging this month. Learn some new things you didn’t know about hip-hop. Find your own way to celebrate it and then share it with a friend!

Happy Hip-Hop History Month Y’all!