Submitting Music | Three Tips That Every Artist Should Know

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Submitting music is something an artist either does themselves, has a friend do or pays a PR person to do for them. Anyone being paid to submit music, I would assume is doing it properly. However, that’s not always the case. I dropped this site in 2014 and have been receiving music submissions ever since. I have seen the difference between a bad, good and great submission! Let me give a 3 simple tips that will help you get a better received submission!

1.) FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES: This is so simple. A lot of blog sites will already tell you what their requirements are for submitting music. If a blog is asking for the music links, embedded codes, your social media links, what city you’re repping, etc…PROVIDE THAT INFORMATION! Make it as EASY as possible for someone to listen to your music and find out who you are.

2.) DO NOT SPAM: This should be common sense by now, but it isn’t. DO NOT spam people! Not bloggers, promoters or even the public. Your submissions should always, in some way, be personable to whoever you’re submitting to. Mass emails/submissions are very generic and we can tell. Also, when you do decide to send a mass email, DO NOT forget to use the “BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)” feature in your email! This keeps us from seeing the 100 OTHER EMAILS addresses you sent your music to. It is very unprofessional and something I personally can’t stand. DO NOT send your links to social media inboxes! DO NOT post your links all over someones social media posts (in the comments). Find out how someone prefers to receive submissions, do it that way and the chance of someone actually clicking AND LISTENING to your links goes up A LOT!

3.) JUST BE PROFESSIONAL: Be nice, respectful and professional. Always say “Hello,” and always say “Thank You.” Introduce yourself. Bloggers want to know the basic information of who you are as an artist. Be personable but don’t CARRY ON with TOO MUCH or your email will get exited before the links!Make sure the links you do provide are WORKING! Have cover art and make sure it’s attached. Simple.

Just remember that you are the one asking someone for something, not the other way around. The way your carry yourself in emails, artwork, music, in person- is ALL representative of YOU and YOUR BRAND! So, keep it tight and keep it proper!

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