Swiezo Adds His Spin On DMV’s signature music in Go-Go

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Paying homage tot his hometown sound “GoGo,” Swiezo curates a original new song titled “GoGo” which showcases the genres brash energy and song writing. However, he fuses the genre’s unique sound with his own to create a new type of music that really can’t be defined.

“I don’t want to be out in a box,” Swiezo said. “I look different, grew up different, talk and act different. Why would I change that? To stand out, you must never fit in.”

Fun and personable, Swiezo has been one of the hidden gems from the region that a kept a level of organismic bliss in his music. he never strays from who he is, he only embraces himself.

With his latest video, you may check out his full self below. Swiezo wants you to stay tuned because 2020 has a lot in store.

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