Talib Kweli Defends Lauryn Hill In Article For The Medium

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There are many people who have turned their back on Ms. Hill but the real fans haven’t. Talib Kweli is also, one of those real fans who loves and respects the art Ms. Hill has given to the world.

In fact, Kweli wrote an amazing piece directed to the negativity and haters that surrounds Ms. Hill. In the article, Kweli says that Lauryn and any other musical artists doesn’t owe their fans anything. He took specific aim at Stefan Schumacher’s recent Medium piece about Lauryn Hill, which blasted the emcee/poet and said the world should “stop caring” about her.

“In Schumacher’s incredibly self-absorbed takedown of Ms. Hill he describes her as ‘an artist who hasn’t produced anything of relevance in the last two decades,’ Kweli writes. “Because of this $88 is too much of a ticket price, even though he goes through pains to explain that he isn’t broke. I wonder how much Rolling Stones tickets are going for these days? What was their last “relevant” hit?”

Talib continues…

“True fans celebrate what they have already received, they don’t whine like spoiled children about not receiving things they were never owed in the first place..”

The piece shows so much love, respect and support for Ms. Hill- not just as an artist but as a person. Read the full article HERE.