The Beautiful Difference Of Make-Up By Alexandra Lopez

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My experiences with having my photo professionally taken started in grade school just like the rest of us. It wasn’t until the last year or 2 that I have had some fun photo shoots with excellent photographers. I’ve learned different things- like the way the lighting affects a shot, how to pose, where to look and how to look natural. Most recently, I learned what a difference it is to have your make-up professionally done for a photo shoot. Alexandra Lopez, Make-Up and Image Consultant, showed me first hand how that difference looks!

I have known Alexandra since I moved to Colorado almost 6 years ago. When she reached out to me and let me know she would love to work with me for my next shoot, I was so excited!

We met up about and hour before my shoot and she brought everything she needed, organized together in her make-up case. This was shades, shadows and brushes I haven’t ever used in my daily make-up routine! She was so easy to work with and did an amazing job! Alexandra walked me through everything she was doing from foundation, contours, eyelash application to lips and shadows! I was so impressed with her skills. I almost didn’t even recognize myself when she was done- but not in a bad way! I felt immediately more confident and ready for my photo shoot than ever before!

Alexandra made me feel comfortable and was gentle and communicative while applying the make-up. She also gave me tips on my outfits for the shoot which I appreciated so much! She has excellent taste in style! I plan on using her for future shoots and occasions without a doubt!

If you would like to consult Alexandra Lopez for make-up/styling and more, contact her at .

Photos By Blake Jackson