Tidal x Square Announce Multi Million Dollar Partnership

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Jay-Z is not letting up on the power moves! In his most recent business play, Square is set to pay almost $300 Million in stock and cash in return for a stake in Tidal. In addition, Jay-Z will join the board at Square.

Square space is a mobile payment company that has changed the game for businesses. It was created by Jack Dorsey who is also the owner of Twitter. The easy accessibility and convenience benefits not only businesses but consumers as well. In this digital age, the faster and quicker we can consume, the better and more likely we are to return as a customer.

Now, what exactly does this mean for Tidal? Well, Jay-Z has always maintained that Tidal is a platform that will support artist throughout their careers and providing tools to help them sustain. Jack Dorsey is an innovator and this proves even more so.

This is incredibly dope and HUGE for the music industry! I’m excited to see what they announce together next!