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Trev Rich breaking the internet this weekend.

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If you’re  a Colorado native you know Trev Rich because of his music or his hilarious Facebook  discussions. But this weekend his Facebook and Instagram have been hitting the high numbers in likes and shares. The picture above shows Trev with Birdman, and that was just the beginning  of the posts this weekend . Trev shared with his fans some of the music he is working on and the events that have been taking place at the famous studio in Miami ” The Hit Factory”.  He then post a status talking about Weezy pulling up to the studio and made some of the fans question if Birdman and Weezy have squashed their beef .But unfortunately contracts are still in place and music is just being made in the studio .

If you know Trev you know all he does is put on for his city and his crew Squizzy Gang. Trev and Squizzy gang are not ones to take all the credit for putting people on to the Colorado “wave”(except for the wave they were saying that shit for a while now) like others who have stepped into the music scene from Colorado. The whole Squizzy gang is the definition of  “If I’m eating my whole team is eating”.  So seeing Trev hustling hard and getting his music to thrive over these past few months is a great thing to see if you’re a Colorado native. So what does this mean for those in the music industry in Colorado? The music scene in Colorado has been booming these past few years and when a handful of people make it to the top of the scene, its only natural for their fans to look into what other artist are emerging from Colorado. If you’re an artist yourself, just be prepared to have new fans looking into what Colorado has when it comes to music.

So in all it’s a beautiful thing to see people reach those goals they have made for themselves and their team. It’s even better when it’s people from your home town. If you haven’t checked out the updates and snippets of new music from Trev  you can  follow his page  on Facebook and , click on his  Instagram picture above .

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