When Hip-Hop Respects Hip-Hop | Missy Elliott Praises Lil Kim’s Influence on Music x Fashion

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Over a year ago I posted an article about Eminem calling into Shade 45 to talk to Redman. The post went VIRAL, fast! It was exciting but more importantly the message was the most vital point. When HIP-HOP respects HIP-HOP. We need to see this. We need to know when artists are uplifting and supporting each other. In a commonly competitive and easy to come up off “beef” industry, I think it’s important to highlight the positive. I’ve decided to turn this into a reoccurring trend on I will be highlighting these moments of love, respect and support within the hip-hop industry. 

So to continue this trend, we have Missy Elliott showing love to Lil Kim! Both of these women have inspired the world and have been friends for years! They’ve had a few collaborations together and lots of shining moments. 

Missy Elliott took to her Twitter last week to  commend and complement Lil Kim on her HUGE influence I’m not just hip-hop but in fashion as well. I remember back in the late 90’s (I was in junior high), seeing Lil Kim in her music videos, interviews and award shows she was always so fly! You couldn’t miss her! She always stood out.. the “Queen Bee!” I loved her style and still do! 

Missy was right though. Lil Kim has always been daring with her fashion, always over the top in a way only Lil Kim could do it! And the influence Missy Elliott has played on hip-hop and fashion as well is just as major if not, more major! So for Missy to take the time and salute another woman in the industry for the same influences is pretty amazing and inspiring to see! 

Check out the tweet below..