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Fashion Feature Of The Week- 10 Deep VCTRY Holiday Collection

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Marcus Flowers|December 2, 2014

10 Deep has been a stable in streetwear brands for more than the past decade. With their annual holiday collection “VCTRY” the trend seems to continue. The past few collections have been geared more towards sportswear than streetwear and that type of style continues with this latest collection. Gone or the typical “urban” style items, 10 Deep introduced items that are more traditionally lined up with classic sportswear.

Original sporting colors like red, black, white, & grey are seen throughout a lot of pieces. Items include joggers, jerseys, pullover hoodies, and jackets. But what’s most important is the attention to detail that 10 Deep showed the pieces, embroidered fleece, reflective graphics, and color blocking details.

10 Deep originally launched its “VCTRY” campaign in spring 2014 to compete with larger brands because being the best in streetwear was not enough for them anymore.10 Deep has been around since 1995, and has drawn inspiration from hip-hop, punk, skate, and grafitti. And with “VCTRY” the company can now add “technical wear” to their apparel line-up.

Check out the full lookbook below and you can shop from them on the online store or retailers who stock 10 Deep.








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