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Rising new artist Khyenci releases her debut single ‘Only Fans’ Ft. Tory Lanez

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Describing her musical style as alternative R&B and soul while bringing a more pop perspective, Khyenci is now ready to take on the world and share her musical joy with her debut single ‘Only Fans.’

“I recorded ‘Only Fans’ with Josh Connolly who produced it – we had fun creating it – the song just has such a cool vibe right away” says Khyenci. “From the moment I started writing the song I was like “okay, this is a fun one.” I just wanted to feed into that feeling. I wanted something cool and energetic that encompassed some confidence.”

The inspiration behind the insanely catchy single was from the content-sharing platform OnlyFans where Khyenci used to work in the marketing department. “I had been working on the OnlyFans site for months and had been familiar with the platform and the dynamics of relationships and business as it happens on the site.” says Khyenci, “I kind of fell in love with the platform – we can make money our way, whatever it may be, and have fun doing it, and that’s a good feeling – it’s the new hustle. I think this is THE Only Fans anthem.”

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